#humansofozarka. "I'm against disposable bottles, especially for water. You go to the other side of the world and you swim among plastic on an island where you know the plastic is coming from other places. The change starts with yourself." #ozarkanl


Asha and Phillippa

"I'm trying not to use plastic bottles anymore. We can't keep chucking plastic into the oceans. I love the planet and we have to look after it." -- Asha

"And we have to tell the corporations that create this plastic that they can't put the responsibility of waste just on the consumers." -- Phillippa



#humansofozarka "I carry this water bottle because it is very useful and I always have it with me to fill it up. I don't really think about it anymore. It's so simple to make these changes." #ozarkanl


David and Andrea

#humansofozarka "The price of the Conscious Hotel was very nice and it was close to the park. That's all!" #ozarkanl



#humansofozarka "Sustainability is essential to me because I want to give my children a world where they don't have to work for the basics. Where they can enjoy real food and have health care through food and live healthy because it is natural and not be dependent on meds or the pharmaceutical industry." #ozarkanl


Joanna and Bart

#humansofozarka "The reason I am carrying this bag is because we really hate that plastic is taking over the world. For our children and grandchildren to live well we need to be conscious about how we protect the planet that we are leaving for them." #ozarkanl



#humansofozarka "I carry a bottle because I know it takes two times as much water to make a normal plastic bottle so we should be using reusable bottles." #ozarkanl


#humansofozarka "I'm changing my lifestyle and I want to be an example for everyone around me. It is so important we love the environment and sustainability is so important for the next generation. Save our planet!" #ozarkanl



#humansofozarka I'm angry and sometimes despair over environmental injustice. The loss of habitat. "Other " people's countries overwhelmed by what we throw "away" . I'm frustrated that their stories are ignored when it is their stories that matter the most. I am in awe of the warriors out there trying to get the truth out. They are on the ground while I'm behind my phone feebily trying to retell it. But when you run a sustainable business, you can't ever show those darker emotions. You can't let the activist stand in front of the brand messaging. We are always hopeful. Always positive. Always joyful. And that is true when I think of what our potential is to solve the plastic pollution problem. But it's the David in me who wants to take down Goliath that is running the show from the shadows. #ozarkanl