Sustainable, zero-waste takeaway boxes
for prepared foods businesses  

Ozarka Packaging is currently being offered at:

Foodware: Looiersgracht 12, Amsterdam
Cibo & Vino: Elandsgracht 89, Amsterdam
poke.Perfect: All Locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht

If you are a grocery market, office cafeteria, traiteur, deli, restaurant, takeaway, carry out, food delivery, proprietor ready to go circular, you are the B in our B2B.


Take Away Without Throwing Away

Customers are frustrated by the burden of disposing of single-use food packaging.   Our solution allows for the customer and the food producer and the packaging supplier to share in the responsibility together, resulting in a much more fair and environmentally friendly experience.  


Why Our Packaging is Better

  • Loyalty: Sustainability creates customer loyalty. Customers choose to reuse

  • Cost: Our packaging and systems cost about the same as single-use packaging and are more sustainable

  • Durable: Ozarka’s glass and silicone packaging is more leak proof and more airtight than single-use packaging be it paper, plastic, or bio plastic

  • Experience: Customers prefer the more elegant experience of reusable packaging

  • More Sales: Customers returning empties to your location gives you an opportunity to upsell

  • No Disruption: Our systems will not disrupt or slow down your output and production processes

  • Customization: We can supply sustainable, removable labels for our boxes featuring your branding and logo

  • Sustainability: Reduce and reuse is a more sustainable packaging solution than single-use packaging. Just because something can be recycled doesn’t mean it is being recycled. Reduce and reuse significantly reduces the need for recycling, and our packaging is returned to us end-of-life, so we make sure it is recycled properly, not mixing with other materials or ending up in landfill, incineration, or the environment.


Using Ozarka’s reusable packaging, you rent our packaging for about the same price as you’d pay for single-use packaging.

  1. Ozarka delivers packaging to the food producer

  2. Food producer fulfills customer orders in our packaging. Customer is charged a deposit (statiegeld) on the packaging at point of sale

  3. Customer returns empties to the food producer and is refunded the deposit

  4. Ozarka picks up empties on a schedule then washes and sanitizes them off site with a professional high pressure dishwasher

  5. Ozarka recirculates packaging to food producers

 ARK Reusables by Ozarka HACCP-based food hygiene guidelines for filling and handling reusables.


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We love food as much as we love zero waste.

We love food as much as we love zero waste.

Our Story

Beth Massa came up with the concept for Ozarka while spending a solo weekend in Paris clearing her mind so new ideas could come in.

She spent the first part of her career at in the early days and the second part of her career at Microsoft in the Netherlands. There she learned about the plastic pollution crisis from her scientific research clients and solving this crisis obsessed her.

The combination of a desire to make an impact, offer a great customer experience, and the longing to start her own business incubated Ozarka. Beth is the “Why” of Ozarka.

Michael Massa always gets nervous when Beth goes on her weekend breaks to Paris, and when she came home from one and said, “I’m leaving the corporate world to start a new sustainable business and I want you to join me,” it was no exception. Michael has a background in electrical engineering, a law degree specializing in patent law, and a certification in data science. Michael is the “How” of Ozarka.

Beth identifies the challenges and Michael solves them.

We also employ a world-class team (literally, world class) of contractors to keep pushing Ozarka forward.